Monday, September 15, 2014

BAT BOOST! Jock's Donated Batman Art Raises Over $800 For Kid With Leukemia

As fans all over the world prepared to drool over Jock's upcoming creator owned Image Comics series, Wytches on Sunday, a page the artist had donated from his Detective Comics run, was attracting closing bids online, with all proceeds going to help a two year old boy with leukemia.

Finally selling for NZ$817.97, the art from the Detective Comics #871 - part of the The Black Mirror story-arc, written by fellow Wytches co-creator, writer Scott Snyder - will help little Nathaniel on the journey that lies ahead and the expensive costs of treatment that accompany them. From the eBay listing:

"His prognosis is good but he has a long, not very nice, course of treatment ahead of him over the next few years which will involve the family travelling regularly to hospital."

Good to see comic creators getting out and helping in the world around them - and here's hoping the money truly does ease some worries for Nathaniel's family, so they can spend time enjoying the laughs they find together, rather than the bills on the horizon.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

LOBO WILL MAKE YOU LEGLESS: Conceptual Comic Beer Brands Mix Alcohol With Anti-Heroes

There's just something about relaxing on a Sunday afternoon that suits a nice cold beer. Knights did it, Vikings did it and yes, I do it. Just don't spill any on your comics - that stain never comes out. Still that didn't stop Billy The Butcher from hopping to it and merging the worlds of comics and lager. He has created a stunning range of beers, in the style of anti-hero comic characters known to enjoy a decent pint. Check them out:

From Watchmen's Comedian to Hellboy, Sin City's Marv to Wolverine, each one is cool. Lobo's wicked 'bastich face' design steals the spot as my favourite label, thanks to humourous copy like 'Czarnian Strong Ale' 'For Main Men'.

True, comic based beers aren't new to fan art, but the amazing design skills applied to the ones above, really makes them seem thirst-quenching-ly real. To see the full range close-up, visit Billy's website after the jump.

What do you think?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

WEIRDNESS FROM THE REAL WORLD: Duck Tales Intro Recreated With Real Ducks

Okay, this is more flat out cool than weird. There are some theme tunes you just never get over humming. Batman's 70's TV show, Captain Planet, Fox's X-Men and the Huey, Duey and Luey pop flavoured hit that was Duck Tales.

Well now YouTube user Oh My Disney has recreated that very same intro sequence using real life ducks. Yip, 'Da-Da-Danger right behind you, there's a stranger out to find you' recreated into something that is truly poultry in motion.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

PANEL BEATER: Random Thoughts From Last Month's Comic Haul

Each month I dive into my recent haul of comics and cheer what's working great, or highlight what needs a kick and what needs a shove. With that in mind, here's what got my talkin' in the last thirty days...

It's not until you get to the last page of this comic, you realise it finished without a punch, shot or even an 'Eject Ravage'. However, when the build-up to war is this well laid out, you really don't care.

The first issue in the concluding mini-series of IDW's Transformers trilogy (Autocracy and Monstrosity were the first parts), Transformers: Primacy #1 provides truckloads of energon for any Transformers fan, proving that you can have Ironhide look like Ironhide and be 'modern', as well as showing Hollywood how the 80's franchise should be handled in more ways than one.

With the recent Autobot victory bringing an uneasy truce to Cybertron, an outspoken Hot Rod is warned of a coming reckoning by an old friend, now empowered from joining the militant Decepticon resistance.

As the hot-headed Autobot Academy graduate finds an equally hard welcome from the veteran Grimlock, Megatron seeks to re-enlist the recently defeated Trypticon, in order to reunite his forces and bring Cybertron to it's knees.

In even an even better moment of characterisation, Optimus Prime, out having downtime by climbing glaciers (or the Cybertronian equivalent) with Ironhide, finds a face long lost to the Autobot cause and gives him motive to rejoin his people. In fact writers Chris Metzen and Flint Dille, plus artist Livio Ramondelli illustrate this scene so well, I'll post it as my  MOMENT OF THE MONTH: 

You did click to enlarge 'n read that didn't you? It's OMEGA $%^#$%^'n SUPREME! And that's not all - there's Ultra Magnus, Kup, Starscream, those multi-faced, swivel-headed things from the animated movie, Metroplex, Sky Lynx, Shockwave, and so many old familiar faces, that if you are a G1 Transformers fan, it's hard not to do a little pee each time you turn the page. Trust me - you want this.

 NEEDS A SHOUT OUT OR TWO:  Despite another awesome month at Valiant in turns of Armor Hunters - with every tie-in being incredible - the monthly shout out has to go to DC's Multiversity #1. From a 'plastic man' melted and decaying over the ruins of humanity to Captain Carrot vs 'Behemoth', Multiversity was overflowing with cosmic goodness, bursting with ideas and crazy concepts at every turn.

I have to admit, I was initially pretty lost, trying to figure out which universe we were in (Thunderer is supposed to be Thor, isn't he?). Now after a few reads between the shift to Earth 23, and the often untapped/overlooked Harbinger tieing the assemblage of the 'Cosmic Neighbourhood Watch' to the original DC Crisis, I've got a grip on 90% of what is going down, and that other 10% honestly should remain unknown in any good Grant Morrison written tale. It's part of the hysteria that makes the writer so addictive.

The comic that speaks to you truly spoke to me, and I don't think my mind will be the same - at least not until issue #2.

What were your hits of the month?