Tuesday, July 15, 2014

THE COMICS' BEAT: Invisible Woman, Brother Eye, Aquaman, Batman, Rocket Raccoon and more in Children of Batman's 'Batface'

Sure heavy metal may not be for everyone, but when it's this funny it sure as hell is. Featuring an animated music video of Batman, Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing as a rock band like DC have secretly been planning since the 80's, the vid also ropes in Brother Eye, Superman, the Invisible Woman and a bazillion other comic characters into its tale.

Based on the song Face Fisted by Dethklok, this track features eight ladies, one Bane, the dangers of capes and a butt that can stop crime are just part of it's brilliance. Click play and thrash the laughs as the beats thrash themselves. 

 What do you think?  

Monday, July 14, 2014

SALES PITCH: The Top 6 Comics Of June 2014 And Those Past

Harley Quinn, Superman and Batman take three spots in the Top 6 for team DC, yet despite this, Marvel is the one taking the title of 'Publisher #1' for June 2014, by 2.48% unit share. Following DC, Image Comics retains spot #3, despite losing its traditional #1 spot over on the Top Selling Graphic Novel chart to Archie Comics - but more on that later. Now, on to those Top 6!

THE TOP 6 COMICS FOR JUNE 2014: 1) BATMAN #32 2) Amazing Spider-Man #3 3) Original Sin #3 4) Harley Quinn #7 5) Superman #32 6) Original Sin #4 - Full stats after the jump.

MY THOUGHTS: It's always good to see Romita Jr's debut on any book in the Top 6, the little engine that could award has to go to Archie Comics' Afterlife With Archie: Escape From Riverdale TP topping the graphic novel charts. Truth be told, I've gone to drop this title myself in order to get my pull-list under control, but I literally can't. Each issue is more addictive than the other, and from a guy who put the cast of Richie Rich above Riverdale, that's saying something. Good to see the zombie fever is spreading.

TOP COMICS OF JUNES PAST: World War Hulk #1 stomped across June 2007, while Iron Man and Spider-Woman locked lips in Secret Invasion #3 back in 2008. Topping it all off, Batman locked swords in one of the best Ras Al Ghul moments, in Batman #616 in 2003.

 What do you think? 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

NO DOOZER'S ALLOWED: Fraggles And Planet Of The Apes Go BOOM!

If you swapped ink and crazy compositions for a material shop full of string and fabric, its easy to see the late Jim Henson as a Jack Kirby of the puppeting world. Both masters of imagination, whose works are entertaining long after their namesakes have passed on. Now, one of Jim's landmark works, Fraggle Rock, is bringing it's 80's zaniness to BOOM! Studios.

Launching October 8th, Fraggle Rock: Journey To The Everspring will be an all-ages fun, four-issue mini-series by writer Kate Leth and artist Jake Myler. Tackling a Fraggle Rock where the water has run dry, a team of brave Fraggle's must journey where no Fraggle has gone before to find both adventure and the fabled Everspring, to get things flowing again.

Slightly on the Dark Crystal side of life, Dawn of Planet of The Apes will debut in November, also a mini-series, and yes, based on the latest movie from Fox. Bridging the 10-year gap between this film and the previous blockbuster Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the six issues will chart mankind's devolution, and the resultant rise of Caesar's apes, as Malcolm searches for a cure to what is killing his wife Rita.

For those attending Comic Con 2014, they can pick up an exclusive one-shot Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Contagion, exclusively from the BOOM! Studios booth.

So Ape, Human or Fraggle - where do your loyalties lie?

Thursday, July 03, 2014

APHRODITE X-CELLENT: Finches To Tackle Wonder Woman

Just as I pop a bag of chippies and sit back to wait for DC Future's End to end what is the 'New 52', DC sticks out news that makes me want to actually give something a try. No it's not October's new Deathstroke series (after all what is Slade without Rose, the Titans or Jericho?) - nay it is the new creative team tipped for Wonder Woman, husband/wife duo, iconic Aphrodite X artist David Finch and writer Meredith Finch.

While my mind is doing somersaults over the idea David May get to draw Ares in his classic George Perez styled armour, or even his take on any of the various Cheetahs, it is Meredith's inspiration from Lynda Carter's iconic TV portrayal that makes me curious as to how the bright will merge with her spouse's artistically dark styles to form Paradise (Island).  

Starting with issue 36 in November, the duo plan to tackle how Diana juggles her responsibilities to her homeland, the League and mankind at large. According to Meredith in speaking to USA Today, a lighter tone and a more positive outlook will return to a character who, "...lives what she believes, and she acts on it."