Wednesday, November 04, 2009

THE TOP 3: Comic Movie Actors

3) Christopher Reeve - Superman Christopher Reeve put the man into the 'man of steel' and in doing so not only defined the role for a whole generation, but saw to it 'comic films' were no longer kiddie fare. With his bumbling Clark Kent and confident Superman, audiences could finally see how Lois could be so blind as to their shared identity.

2) Michelle Pfeiffer - Catwoman As Halle Berry's 'effort' shows, it takes more than latex and a whip to be pop cultures #1 femme fatale. By showcasing shy Selina Kyle's decent into the aggressive 'Catwoman' persona, Michelle Pfeiffer proved she truly is the cats meow.

1) Heath Ledger - Joker To beat Jack Nicolson's version of the Joker was a hard ask - but the late Heath Ledger didn't just 'beat' Jack, he mopped the floor with him. A less laughing, more scheming 'Clown Prince of Crime' saw Ledger instantly produce the ultimate in big screen evil, and steal the show in every scene.

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