Friday, August 21, 2009


Project Runway’s co-host Tim Gunn is swapping fashion and glamour for the Iron Man armour, in a cameo appearance in Models, Inc #1 coming soon from Marvel. With Gunn set to fight 'crimes against fashion' it's time to look at the world of spandex, capes and utility-belts and see what outfits are the safest from Tim's crusade.

4) STORM: Just when Dave Cockrum's original design for the popular X-Woman seemed untouchable, Paul Smith tapped his inner 80's punk and designed a leather and mohawk look that suited her perfectly.

3) GREEN LANTERN: The uniforms of the Green Lantern Corps have included some really sleek numbers, none though as strong as Gil Kane's original Hal Jordan outfit, which shines brightly under any light.

2) FLASH: You don't get more 'superhero' then the primary colours of red and yellow, still with only minor tweaks since it's creation in the 50's, Carmine Infantino's streamlined design still screams speed.

1) WOLVERINE: The best there is at what he does actually had a costume to match. John Byrne gave Wolvie had a feral look that suited his rugged personality... unlike later bright blue and yellow numbers.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Jack Kirby (Thor, New Gods, Fantastic 4) and Dave Cockrum (Storm, Ms. Marvel, Legion of Superheroes) are two of the best superhero designers ever. Had this list been longer, it could easily have been only a tribute to the legendary duo.

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