Friday, September 04, 2009

Brubaker Delivers #500 To Remember

Issue #500 took over 40 years to arrive - but dam is it worth the wait. Master-scribe Ed Brubaker completely smashes the ball out of the park, leaving the series (along with artist Michael Lark) in the middle of a massive plot twist, all for the incoming creative team to kick off from. And what a plot twist it is - literally no one is untouched by the time Ed's last words hit the page.

The best issue of his run (and that's saying something) Brubaker manages to insert a series of flashbacks that create a all-new tapestry between Master Izo, Lady Bullseye, The Hand, Black Tarantula and Stick, rich and set for future writers to explore. The fact he manages to insert so many, while keeping the main plots momentum is a testament to the mans craft. To reveal how the main plot changes the game forever here would just be criminal, so let's just say - it's a biggy.

Also laying in wait within the books extra pages is a new tale by classic 'Hornhead' writer Ann Nocenti, pin-up's from the likes of John Romita Snr and Joe Quesada, a cover gallery, and a reprint of Frank Miller's quintessential #191, where the blind hero plays Russian Roulette with a paralysed Bullseye, just a few issues after he killed Elektra.

With issues like this, no matter how much I have to cut back my pull list, Daredevil will always be part of it. As my own tribute to the life of my favourite Marvel hero, here are my top 3 DAREDEVIL covers - Happy 500th Daredevil!

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