Monday, September 14, 2009


When it comes to THE CRUNCH; catching you up on all the 'other' news from the last fortnight.
  • Marvel releases the final trailer to ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2 - the video game released this week based on it's controversial Civil War mini-series.
  • Mark Waid tweeted his debut issue was the first time he'd recognised the characters in years, now Jonathon Hickam tells IGN what's ahead for the FANTASTIC FOUR
  • The movie adaptation of Greg Rucka's comicbook WHITEOUT hits theatres. It's current IMDB fan ranking is 6/10 stars.
  • Arron Eckhart says while Two-Face apparently died he'd return for a DARK KNIGHT sequel if given the chance
  • Bruce Waynes return to the Batman books is closer than many thought, as Tim Drake finds a piece of cave art from everyones favourite AWOL millionare in RED ROBIN #4
  • And showing trilogies can expand if there are enough peices of eight involved, Disney announced PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES will hit theatres summer 2011.

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