Sunday, September 06, 2009


If Mike Zeck didn't spend part of 1953, in a comic covered hospital bed recovering from tonsillectomy, my early comic buying years would've been very different. In the 80's when others were chasing the works of John Bryne or Frank Miller, I hunted out Mike Zeck's books - he was the first artist that made me buy a title for no other reason, than that he was drawing it.

Marvel picked Zeck's talents to illustrate their first ever inter-company crossover Secret Wars. One of his few forays into the 'super-powered' end of the spectrum, it was here he designed my fav Spidey costume, the black pre-Venom outfit. It was this eye for design, action and camera angle that leads to his biggest strength: covers. Mike Zecks covers tear the competition in half.

IF I WAS E.I.C HE WOULD WORK ON : SUICIDE SQUAD: Zeck's detailed pencils and John Ostrander's words producing the suicide missions of DC's top team of anti-heroes would be a dream come true.

GET HIS 3 BEST: 'Kraven's Last Hunt' is a seminal Spider-Man story, and for a bit of 'back issue bin diving' that's bound to pay off, look for his run on Captain America, and of course Secret Wars, starring pretty much everyone 'Marvel'.

RIGHT NOW HE IS: Providing style guides and art for today's biggest animation hits. From Justice League Unlimited, to Super Friends, Mike Zeck is still at the top of his game - find out more on his website.


  1. I've always loved Zeck's work. To me, he drew the definitive Punisher.

  2. Hey Rob - yeah Mike's work on Punisher was amazing, so many good examples I wasn't sure which ones to use!

    It must feel odd though huh - I mean when he did that Marvel was unsure about doing a mini series of a guy who killed in cold blood.

    Man how much the times have changed - and that was only the mid-80's!