Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MENACE TO SOCIETY: Hard Choices Hit Comics

Like many fans around the world current economics mean I have to cut back the size of my pull-list. DOOM PATROL, while a title I had waited ages for, was still in it's infancy, so relatively easy to put aside, but dropping the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA is probably the hardest cancelation I have had to make, in my entire time as a comic fan.

Thanks in large part to Geoff Johns, the cast is full of some of the best characters in comics today. From Mr. Terrific to Power Girl to Hourman, their adventures have been a key part of my collection for years, but due to new creative teams, and the team braking into two titles, I decided to jump off now and pick up trades in future, where possible.

While I still have a few culls to be made, here's to the JSA - thanks for been a 'great read' when the 'great reads' weren't.

NEXT MONTH: As Halloween approaches, the villains, fiends, foes and 'evil-doers' of movies, comics, games and more, take-over It's A Dan's World, with all posts, reviews, and news coming to you completely from the dark side (or should that be Darkseid?) Octobers Evil - right here on It's A Dan's World - should be fun!

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