Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #40

This section should be renamed 'The Comic Of The Month Other Than The Green Lantern Corps' because right now GLC is a freight-train of a title, ploughing through the opposition, picking up more steam with each new issue. Here, as the dead rise, love and fear unite for the children, Salaak assumes control of the GLC, and Kyle Rayner proves he's nobodies 'love struck' victim.

Patrick Gleason having found his stride with this book, fires on all cylinders like never before, matching the range of Peter J. Tomasi's different plot points perfectly. From the private to the epic, his camera angles, page layouts and level of detail are always bang on, and by understanding his cast he is able to try new 'experiments' in style with each issue that really pay off.


WOW. Never before have I read a first issue that has done so much 'heavy lifting'. Writer Jonathon Hickman, who I bet will become one of the top writers, re-establishes the Fantastic Four into actually acting and sounding like they should. Backed up by the art of Dave Eaglesham (JSA) it's been along time since Marvel's first family 'breathed' so much on the printed page.

The other thing this issue has in droves is direction. Not since Identity Crisis #1 have I read a book where the writer had a clear picture of where the book was headed from the start and instantly set about getting there. From the Wizard, to Millar's 'Nu World' to creating his own awesome toy in 'The Council' this issue not only has a ring of 'Lee/Kirby' cool to it, it reminds you why the Fantastic Four is not your typical 'superhero' book.


  1. I have to disagree. CL Corps is really up and down with me. sometimes it's good, sometimes not. i particularlywasn't a huge fan of this issue.

  2. Fair enough Jimmy - thanks for the comments!