Saturday, September 26, 2009

P!NK - GET THE PARTY STARTED Despero Joins New Creative Team To Tackle The JLA

Look up 'Flat Out Wrong' in the dictionary and you'll probably find the definition states 'Ray Palmer (the Atom) torturing someone in the exact same method his wife used to kill one of his best friends' - yet that's exactly what happened in the pages of James Robinson's JUSTICE LEAGUE: A CRY FOR JUSTICE mini-series.

A love/hate relationship with each turn of the page, the numerous out of character moments (balanced by the likes of the restoration of Prometheus, and the AMAZING painted art of Mauro Cascioli) may be frustrating, but I admit; I'm still looking forward to seeing James take-over of the core JUSTICE LEAGUE book next month.

DC has handed out this preview of James's run, partnered with the Energizer Bunny of comic-book artists; Mark Bagley. Teasing better dialogue, the fallout of the current mini and Bagleys growing comfortability with drawing DC folk after a lifetime at Marvel (especially Red Tornado) - this just might be the book that A Cry For Justice was supposed to be - Pink naked aliens sporting mohawks included.

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