Monday, September 28, 2009

Appear In Wednesday Comics 2?

DC's mammoth retro weekly WEDNESDAY COMICS has come to it's end. With creators and consumers labelling it a runaway success, here's my guesses as to who should get 'stripped' in 2010's sequel.

Firstly let's get the obvious 'returns' out of the way; SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH. The big icons are the main part of the meal - now let's get into the spices;

AQUAMAN: In the same league as the above, DC's amphibious powerhouse should be the first name down.
VIXEN: From the frozen Arctic to the desserts of Africa, Vixen's animal channelling powers will see her scour the globe for justice!
FIRESTORM: Ronnie Raymond fusing with Proffessor Stein means fun comics - put ol flamehead into WC2 and watch the reaction kick off!
SWAMP THING: A landmark of DC's past, let's get this science made monster back to send shivers down the spine of readers once more.

THE JOKER Arguably DC's most famous face - let's go behind the Joker's grin and show the twisted perspective of the Clown Prince of Crime!
MR MIRACLE As Scott Free puts his reputation to the test trying to escape from the hells of Apokolips, let's show off what Jack Kirby created!
JONAH HEX: The surly and cynical anti-hero will help show the range of the DC Universe in a western tale of conspiracy and betrayal.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Classic comics mean monsters, magic, might, and mayhem, and no one does that better than the worlds mightiest mortal!
SANDMAN: Haunted by his dreams of real life nightmares, the JSA's Sand would make a thrilling crime-noir adventure, to keep all awake at night.
BATGIRL: Flashback to Barbara Gordon's days behind the cowl, solving Gotham's latest criminal puzzle while staying one step ahead of her Commissioner Father in more ways than one!


  1. I'd love to see Firestorm, Aquaman and Mr Miracle!They all seem like natural choices to me.

    Swamp Thing would be a wonder to behold, but I doubt DC would have any more luck wrangling the muck monster into Wednesday Comics II than they've had to this point in tryiong to bring him back to the DCU proper.

    I'd like to see Power Company given a chance to shine.

    My other choices would be:
    Plastic Man
    Captain Carrot (going for that full range of DC)
    Martian Manhunter - let Ostrander and Mandrake have another go!

  2. Nice choices Doug - Martian Manhunter was the next on my list! Plastic Man would be great too.

    I know who Captain Carrot is but not what his stories were like, so might be something to dig out over the summer break!

    Swamp Thing I agree would be difficult, but the thought is nice. He was such a key character in the late 80's - mind you with that thought in mind I almost suggested Rorschach for one of the strips, but I don't know if that would or should be done...

  3. Chiarello promised me Aquaman would be in there, if they ever did a WC 2 (that's a big if).

    I've said this before, but I'd love to see Plastic Man, Sandman Mystery Theater, Sugar and Spike, and Paul Pope take on Ultra, The Multi-Alien.