Thursday, September 17, 2009

TWO COOL: J. Michael Straczynski Finally Arrives On 'The Brave And The Bold'

This week J. Michael Straczynski, begins his long awaited takeover of DC's The Brave and The Bold. The book responsible for giving us the likes of the Justice League and Suicide Squad, looks set under his watch to pull together two different characters each month from all corners of the DC Universe, including The Flash, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern, and Brother Power, the Geek.

Yes you heard - Brother Power, the Geek. That's part of what makes Brave and the Bold so great; from over-looked concepts to 'big gun' characters, you never know who will be appearing next. Now JMS, one of the most talented writers at character built drama looks set to restore that tradition, with Batman staring in every second issue.

Like many I'm currently putting my pull list under a microscope, but I have cleared a set space for this run, and I think it has something to do with The Brave and the Bold #194; the first comic I ever brought with my own money. Featuring my favourite heroes of the time; Batman and the Flash, I still remember the scene where the Dark Knight plummets to earth, having chased the Rainbow Raider out of a skyscraper, onto a rainbow bridge, only for the villain to evaporate it safely from the other side.

While rainbows you can run on will be in short supply, if you have a few bucks going spare this week I recommend forking a few over for this book. As the teaser at DC's Source Blog shows Jesus Saiz draws one mean Joker, and when the Clown Prince Of Crime is single minded of purpose, not even the powerful Dial 'H' For Hero device may be able to stop the horrors ahead...

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