Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Who Should Wolvie Tackle In 2010?

Wolverine is one feisty little mutant – but while seeing him fight Thor on Marvel.com has me excited, seeing him square off against anyone Marvel is starting to get a little rusty. How about in 2010 we get ‘the best there is at what he does’ some fresh opponents like these guys from outside the 'House of Ideas' who can really test his mettle?

WOLVERINE vs. PREDATOR Hunted in the ultimate trophy contest by the finest Predator warriors, Wolverine’s battle for survival takes him from Japan to the Savage Land. Backed into a corner, with only Sabretooth at his side, he decides to show his aggressors the true meaning of the word 'predator'.

WOLVERINE vs. SPAWN With Clown having absorbed the essence of the Shadow King, he now stands as the ultimate player in the holy war, set to unleash hell on all creation through his mastery of the mental plane. In a last ditch suicide gambit Spawn enlists the help of Wolverine, in order to slash a way through hell to ensure the ability to dream of heaven lives on.

WOLVERINE vs. CONAN As Conan joins those who seek the unbreakable metal skeleton of the mysterious 'self-healing' foreigner to advance their own weaponry and fortune, Logan must evade capture, and giving into his own primal nature, before he loses the trail of the M'Kraan Crystal the one object capable of sending him home.


  1. I don't see Wolverine beating Spawn or Conan. Spawn is a freak of nature and Conan is one touch S.O.B. However, Predator is a maybe, but in any case, he would have a tough time with all three.

  2. Yeah Jimmy - I'm pretty much of the same mind aye. Still vs Predator has to be the one I think I'd like to see most. Then of course there's Batman...