Monday, October 12, 2009


If you use iGoogle you can now skin your googling experience with one of their new official comic related skins. What's even cooler is each skin has three different looks, that automatically rotate depending of the time of day it is in your location!

While manga and independent titles, like Hellboy, also get their share, Marvel surprisingly offers no 'X-skin' instead offering up Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Woman and Iron Man. DC not to be outdone, puts forward Batman, Superman, Blackest Night (as seen above - love the hands reaching up from below - nice!) and a 'Women of the DC Universe' skin, PLUS Fables, Vertigo and Wildstorm looks for fans of their other imprints.

With users of most skins, including the funnybook staples of Garfield, Peanuts and Dilbert, in the tens of thousands, you can be sure the range is only going to expand. So pimp your iGoogle out today and show whose side you're on - not to would be truly evil.


  1. yeah, my google is Superman themed.

  2. Mines the Hulk. I'm not sure of the current direction of his book but Hulks always a personal fav - and that image of Mike Deodato's Hulk peering through the concrete is a killer backdrop.