Wednesday, October 07, 2009

MOMENTS IN COOL: The Skywalker Family Reunion

Reunions – the glue of any TV Talkback show. On Oprah they usually result in tears and cuddles, on Jerry Springer screams and insults, but both pale to those from the world of Pop Culture. Here a man on the verge of placing the galaxy at his masters feet, slices of the hand of his opponent with a giant electric knife. Then as the wounded, unknowing hero backs out onto a ledge over an endless pit of nothingness, the villan makes the ultimate revelation ‘I am your father’.

Proving being a Jedi isn't always mind-trick's and lightsabers, when Darth Vader uttered Sci-Fi's most misquoted sentence, movie audiences were stunned. While the film continued on, many minds stopped in shock after Luke willingly stepped off the bridge rather than take Vaders hand. And the kicker? It took years before you found out what happened next! Now that’s a cliffhanger!!

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