Friday, October 09, 2009

DC VILLIANS, PAUL DINI AND ALEX ROSS The Brilliant Bad Book That Should Have Been

The Secret Six, The Secret Society of Super-Villains, it seems every time DC does a comic based on 'bad-guys' it’s on a need to know basis. However the real trade secret is that Alex Ross and Paul Dini once pitched a one-off tabloid sized coffee table book, called Portraits of Villainy, which would showcase 30 full-page Ross painted images of the companies most legendary evil-doers.

With the opposing page written by Dini, in the voice of each icon, the Joker’s for example would have told the origin of the Clown Prince of Crime in the form of a joke. DC editorial, like most red blooded fans loved the idea, but felt the project wasn’t profitable enough to warrant the expense of it’s creation, and hence the idea got shelved alongside all DC’s other ‘best kept secrets’.

If that isn’t enough to make you cry, while the team responsible for Batman: War on Crime remain optimistic the project could still see the light of day, below are a few of Alex Ross’s sketches, which tease at exactly how awesome this would’ve been. For more sketches and details visit the highly addictive


  1. Its so, so sad this book got shelved. I mean, what else do you need to sell a big project like this than Alex Ross?


  2. Exactly and DC's villains are so rich they need a bit of exploring...

    Thanks for the comments Rob!