Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Fan's have always wanted DC to breathe new life into their favourite cancelled series, and now in what rivals Wednesday Comics for the best idea announced this year, the comic publisher is doing just that.

With the core Blackest Night series going on life support for the month of January, so penciller Ivan Reis can continue his drop dead georgous work on it's bumper sized finale, the first month of 2010 will see eight titles rise again, with a one-shot that continues the numbering of their previous series - set in current continuity. Those eight include:
  • The Power of Shazam! #48 Eric Wallace scripts the return of Osiris as she menaces the Marvel family
  • The Question #37 Greg Rucka brings the Question faceless face to faceless face with her predecessor
  • Suicide Squad #67 John Ostrander reunites the deceased Suicide Squad with the Secret Six
  • Phantom Stranger #42 Peter Tomasi looks at the effects the dead rising has on the Phantom Stranger
  • Catwoman #83 The feline fatale finds a bullet to the head can't keep the original Black Mask down - writer Fabian Nicieza
  • The Atom and Hawkman #46 Geoff Johns and Ryan Sook get the Hawks to set Ray Palmer up with his ex, the late Jean Loring
  • Weird Western Tales #71 Dan DiDio rustles up Bat Lash, Super Chief, Firehair, and Jonah Hex into the "New West"
  • Starman #81 reunites James Robinson with the DC legacy he's most associated with.
While I cant decide which I'm looking forward to most; Hawkman and the Atom or Suicide Squad - all are concepts and characters deserving of attention. If even one leads to an actual 'reborn' series, with the same creative team, that could be a New Years Resolution fans could actually stick to all year round.


  1. Wow, really? DC's doing this? How cool!

  2. I had no idea about this, but it looks super awesome. I'll be checking out "The Question" and "Weird Western Tales". I mean, come on, The Question! How amazing is that?

  3. Yeah Rob, it's all true. I was wow-struck when I heard it to. It's just a really smart idea, that keeps with the Blackest Night theme.

    Hey Justin -welcome to It's A Dan's World! Yip the original Question and by Greg Rucka no less! Seems that the teams have actually been chosen with the characters in mind doesn't it?

    Ostrander - Suicide Squad, Johns - Hawkman, they even say one as-yet-unnamed artist is well known for the character they're working on, which leads me to think Jerry Ordway will be on The Power of Shazam.

    Either way it's going to be a great start to twenty ten!