Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FRIGHT NIGHT: 5 'Family Friendly' Halloween Films You Can Survive

Don't wait for the kids head to bed before chucking on a decent 'fright night' flick this Halloween. Youngsters, hyped up on trick-or-treat goodness means you could be waiting ages. Instead gather the family to watch one of these films and not only will the kids be entertained long enough for the sugar to wear off, you wont be at the end of your rope waiting for the credits to roll.

GREMLINS: Ben 10's watch has nothing on Gizmo when he gets wet or fed after dark. Just don't be surprised if watching this film leads to a 'Gremlin' been put on Santas list for Christmas 2009. For kids with extra energy schedule a toilet break at the end, slip in the just as cool sequel and act like it's the same film - nice one!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY: If getting your family together for a few hours requires an act or two of bribery, then use this classic to install a sense of how dysfunctional some families can truly be! Follow it up with some 'bedtime reading' trying to spot Cousin It in your partners family photo album for a night of fiendishly ghoul fun!

THE WITCHES: Anjelica Huston's role as the Grand High Witch proves nothing based on a Roald Dahl book can ever go wrong. Look for great laughs to come from comedians Mr Bean and Jane Horrocks, as the youngsters learn not even an anti-children witch summit can stand against you, when your Grandmothers got your back.

MONSTERS Inc: What is more 'family friendly' than a Pixar film? In a stroke of genius role reversal, having the 'Monsters in the closet' scared of children, makes this animated laugh-fest the perfect confidence booster for younger souls who already sleep with one eye open.

GHOSTBUSTERS: Embrace a blast from the past that never dies, as the kids get to 'eeew' at copius amounts of slime, dance the sugar away to a classic theme tune and discover a new weapon to replace their imaginary swords. Just warn their candy laden stomachs before the end the boss is a giant marshmallow, or you could be spending the night asking yourself 'Who Ya Gonna Call?'!

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