Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GL MOVIE GREEN LIGHTS JLA BLOCKBUSTER? Newspaper reports on 'League' of films

News of the GREEN LANTERN movie, heading to Louisiana after economics put the kibosh on filming in Australia, may not recharge your power battery, but an article on the move by New Orleans daily newspaper The Times-Picayune, posts the film along with others on the DC movie slate, are leading into a new Justice League movie.

From the article; "Green Lantern" is expected to be the first in a trilogy of films focusing on D.C.'s Justice League heroes - the others being "The Flash" and "Wonder Woman" - before uniting all three with fellow League members Batman, Superman and Aquaman for a Justice League movie.

No studio executive is quoted with the remark, so will be interesting to see if this rumour gets any 'legs'. If DC does confirm a solid franchise of movies, with it's biggest marque characters, Marvel's Thor and Avengers related films could well have their thunder stolen.


  1. So, Aquaman's the only one not getting a movie? Why am I not surprised?

  2. I know! You'd think of all of them Aquaman's setting makes him the most 'big-screen' friendly - wouldn't you...

    If Namor beats Aquaman to having his own movie, that would just be horrible.