Saturday, October 17, 2009


It was this day in 1914, a whole new world of possibilities was put before Jerome "Jerry" Siegel, and along with his co-partner in creation Joe Shuster, he would go on to famously return the favour, by introducing the world to Superman, one of the most recognisable fictional characters of the 20th century.

The lauchpad for the modern super-hero and endless adventures after, Jerry's legacy for all generations includes Lois Lane, whose physical appearance was originally based on a model hired by the duo named Joanne Carter (who Seigel would later marry), the Spectre; God's Spirit of Vengeance, and Lex Luthor - the villain by whom all other evil masterminds are measured.

So with great respect, I take this moment to say 'Happy birthday Jerry - and thanks for all the magic'.

Jerome "Jerry" Siegel
(October 17, 1914 – January 28, 1996)

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