Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey People! Have a great Halloween with heaps of fun! The craziness kicked off early here in New Zealand, on the 30th, so here's a pic from the office today and a gratuitous shot of some of the best rouges in the business, by the always inspiring Alex Ross.

Oh and make sure you check out the rumour in the 'Marvel Movies Update' on the right! The THOR movie is already set to create a storm but if these talks lead to a signing the Thunder God might just blow all the opposition out of the water!


  1. Anthony Hopkins as Odin??? Not Ian McKellen? That's who I see, at least...

  2. Yeah they are two great actors!

    Anthony Hopkins, fitted into the mythological setting great for both Alexander and Beowulf, and McKellen hit Gandulf out of the park - but I just think Hopkins edges him out on this one.

    Especially if Odin has to become angry and vengeful at any point, Hopkins can make the switch from regal to malevolent better than anyone.