Sunday, October 25, 2009


Easily my favourite cover artist, Dave "The Reverend" Johnson delivers, strong striking visuals with pulp-fiction-esque compositions that are each worthy of framing. The Eisner award winning american artist, is also a founder of 'Drink and Draw' which has lead to a book of the same name. Having worked on an array of characters from Batman to Uncle Sam, his strongest works often include an awesome knack for working the typography of the piece into his composition.

IF I WAS E.I.C HE WOULD WORK ON: PSYLOCKE Johnson is at his best with dangerous woman, secret societies and pulp fiction settings. Put him on Marvels kitana wielding telepath, with ties to both the X-Men and ninja clan the Hand, and you put Betsy Braddock at the forefront of both the stands and the minds of fans.

GET HIS BEST: This is easy; SUPERMAN: RED SON shows the Man of Steel had he landed behind the soviet curtain, and Johnson's covers for 100 BULLETS are the stuff of legend - plus it's one of Vertigo's best-ever series, so it's a great buy either way.

RIGHT NOW HE IS: Keeping the pulp action flowing, creating stand-out covers for both Marvel's PUNISHER MAX and Vertigo's THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER. For heaps of insanely cool sketches and work visit his page at DeviantArt.


  1. Johnson is one of the few artists whose covers can get me to try a new book. His stuff is awesome.

  2. It sure is Rob - it has the same effect on me!

    Thanks for the comments!