Sunday, October 18, 2009


Doug Mahnke is one of the three artists whose name on a project means 'instant buy' to me. On one hand, I really dig his semi-dark, detailed pencils and unmistakable personal style, and on the other he has the luck of the Irish in getting great gigs to work on. From the criminally unnoticed and hilarious MAJOR BUMMER to SEVEN SOLDIERS: FRANKENSTEIN, everything he touches turns out gold.

More than a case of 'right place - right time' Mahnke's work ethic and honesty is inspiring. One of the co-creators of The Mask, the American illustrator's ability to meet deadlines - even under duress - makes him even more of a powerhouse on the page.

IF I WAS E.I.C HE WOULD WORK ON: CAPTAIN MARVEL After his killer art on the 3D mini-series FINAL CRISIS: SUPERMAN BEYOND, it doesn't take the wisdom of Solomon to know Doug would handle the scope, monsters and magic of the 'Worlds Mightiest Mortal' with ease.

GET HIS BEST: Where to start? Three from the top of my mind are; BATMAN: THE MAN WHO LAUGHS with Ed Brubaker, BLACK ADAM: THE DARK AGE with Pete Tomasi, and anything of his JLA run with writer Joe Kelly - especially the Trial By Fire arc - that stuff was just mean.

RIGHT NOW HE IS: Pencilling DC's runaway train of a title, GREEN LANTERN. Sharing a studio with Green Lantern Corps artist, and friend since childhood, Patrick Gleason, the two are currently helping to steer the likes of Hal Jordan and Sinestro through the Blackest Night.

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