Saturday, October 10, 2009


More than a 'dark Alex Ross' Gabriele Dell'Otto's amazing paint work has an 80's, almost airbrushed feel to it, yet with a mastery of light sources that few can compare with, his finished atmospheric pieces always stands out on today's shelves.

An author, and graduate of design, after a successful career working for the European arms of publishers like Marvel and DC, the Italian painter entered the American comics industry in 2002. Not afraid to explore different painting techniques - his perceptions of characters may sometimes differ from how they usually appear - but they always end up iconic.

IF I WAS E.I.C HE WOULD WORK ON: THE FLASH Not only would it be cool to see Del'Otto paint the DC speedsters, but when I think of his versions of Gorilla Grodd, the Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master I can't help but think, Gabriele on the Flash would simply run away with the competition.

GET HIS BEST: SECRET WAR is a fully painted tale starring street level heroes like; Captain America and Spider-Man, but if 'cosmic' is more your thing look for the ANNIHILATION saga, an awesome read wrapped in more of Del'Ottos astounding covers.

RIGHT NOW HE IS: Continuing to astonish as a key cover artist for Marvel. For a website that is a work of art in itself, vist his online galleries for more great sketches and paintings.


  1. I love his work!!!!

  2. Same Jimmy, together with Alex Ross and Joe Jusko I think of him as part of the painting trinity.

    There's an awesome shot he did of Colossus ready for a fight, with a charging Wolverine reflected in his skin. I really wanted to use it but thought one silver skinned painting is enough!