Monday, October 05, 2009

MONDAYS ARE EVIL: 'Haunt' Could Be A Dream Come True For Image Comics

Everyone hates Mondays, so here's a hot preview to help see you through.

This week HAUNT #1 from Image Comics hits the stands - and from it's preview pages it is actually going to walk the walk. A unique collaboration in comics, from its all-star creative team, sees layouts by Greg Capullo, finished pencils by Ryan Ottley and inks by Todd McFarlane (ya know that guy that created Spawn and actually made Spider-Man move like a SPIDER Man).

While it may seem a convoluted process, the finished result is worth it - it's not just Ottley's Invincible artwork gone dark. The angles are more intense thanks to Greg, and Todd brings alot more detail into the work, with a range of linework that really makes the scenes pop. The best part of all Robert Kirkman, the comics writer with the Midas touch, does what he does best - gets the plot moving quickly, while creating great character moments and subplots on the run.

If they keep this up, Image might have just found it's next big thing.

For the next five pages of this preview check out the exclusive on CBR.

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