Thursday, October 15, 2009

PANEL-BEATER: Comic Of The Month:
Fantastic Four #571

"I'm an expert in many things... but it's you I've studied most."

Two issues in and the new creative team redefine 'Fantastic'. On one hand they are planting entire planets in food, on the other they are rounding up and lobotomising the Dr Dooms of the multiverse, now the Council of alternate Reed Richards' offers our Mr Fantastic a seat at the table. Can he justify the evil and accept, or will a traitor rob him of that choice?

If you're thinking that sounds more like a plot for the 'Fantastic One' - don't. Jonathon Hickman's got a hell of a lot of damage to unscrew, after what Mr Fantastic has suffered through since his 'role' in Civil War, and boy does he do it in style.

Johnny jealous over Spider-Man, 'Kirby' cosmic sized plots, and an awesome Sue/Reed moment to balance the scale, this issue has it all. To top it off, former JSA illustrator Dave Englesham uses the plots fertile ground to hit all new heights, he was hot before - now he borders on untouchable.

If you're feeling like a bit of a zombie reading your current pull list - jump on this now, as a breath of fresh air you won't regret it.


  1. I gotta say, not a huge Fantastic Four Fan, but that spread you posted looks gorgeous.

  2. Yeah it's pretty wicked - and the colours are something else too!

  3. Totally, the coloring is fantastic. There's a great contrast between the use of shadow, and then the fluorescent stuff being shot around.