Saturday, October 10, 2009


Continuing the countdown of the 'bad luck' 13 - the best evils Pop Culture has ever spawned. Last Saturday covered 13-11, now let's get into this Saturday's instalment and see who makes 10-8!

10) STARSCREAM (TRANSFORMERS) Most soldiers willingly follow their leader, the ruthless and cruel Starscream however, nips at Megatrons heels, ready to betray him and assume leadership of the Decepticons at any given moment - all in the pursuit of personal glory.

9) SEPHIROTH (FINAL FANTASY) The best video game villain ever created; the insanely cool Sephiroth, uses his cunning and warrior training to acheive his goal of merging with the planets Lifeforce and imposing his will upon every living thing.

8) GALACTUS (MARVEL COMICS) 'The Devourer of Worlds' exterminates entire planets in his hunger for survival. Beyond reproach and above his victims pleas, to the nigh-unstoppable Galactus, enacting the ultimate evil is simply routine.

NEXT FRIDAY: Spots 7 - 5 only one of which is'nt a Kirby creation!

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