Friday, October 23, 2009


Getting into 'the best of the best' evil characters in Pop Culture - this week; spots 4-2!

MAGNETO (MARVEL COMICS) Marvel's Master of Magnetism may go to polar extremes in fighting for the rights of his people, but as far as villains go none attract more sympathy to their plight, from fans or heroes, than Magneto.

THE JOKER (DC COMICS) Not only does the Joker work on visual alone, the twisted schemes, humour and methods of the Clown Prince of Crime prove the character would work, even if he was outside of the Batman franchise.

EMPEROR PALPATINE / DARTH SIDIOUS (STAR WARS) Darth Vader was bad, but he was still an apprentice to a higher level of evil. Emperor Palpatine, manipulated himself into power as the authoritarian head of the Galactic Empire, and unlike Vader, stayed unrepentant and evil to the core, right up to his death.

NEXT SATURDAY: The last day of 'October's Evil' reveals the number one villain in all of pop culture. Need to check and see if your guess hasn't already been featured in previous instalments - then click here!


  1. Nice choices, I have to agree with you on these ones. I think it's cool that Joker has really integrated with pop culture due to the success of "The Dark Knight" and Heath Ledger's portrayal. And, of course, you can't get much more evil then the Emperor.

    I'm very curious to see who you pin as number one...

  2. Thanks - it's been a hard list to create! Each post you have flashbacks as to whether those just outside your list should've made it.

    Like the Alien monsters, and even for her time the Wicked Witch of the West was a pretty big pop culture nasty!

  3. What Joker at three? What were you thinking? I would have had him higher myself. But I have a funny feeling who your number 1 will be knowing your taste in super heroes!

  4. Yeah that's been the hard part Jonny; my personal top 13 would read completely different to this list and include the likes of Typhoid Mary, Soundwave and Prometheus, but I'm tying to keep personal out and just run with who I think has had the biggest impact on Pop Culture.

    Also I had to separate anti-heroes from villains, and people like Ares, who would be number one with a shot but come from outside the walls of pop.

    Joker is an icon of P.C and the 20th century, but as hard as it can be for a post-Dark Knight world to hear, while in my own list he may even take slot one when I'm thinking pop in general, he just falls short from a man whose manipulations divide the galaxy and,... well that would be telling...