Saturday, October 31, 2009


No - not The Backstreet Boys, but rather the villian who dares to ask; 'Are the people we label 'celebrities' or 'role models' truly deserving of that title or fame?' A global household name, and former head of America, as President of the United States, Lex Luthor is the first to mind when the term 'criminal mastermind' is uttered, having been on the front lines of evil since his 'birth' in 1940.

What makes Lex numero uno, is his pride in mankind and his belief in the rewards of hardwork. Having studied and trained to be successful physically, mentally, creatively and as a result financially, he's ticked off to see humanity turning to interfering aliens and 'freaks of science gone wrong' for their inspiration.

By removing these false idols with the resources of his criminal empire, 'Injustice League' and his inventive, strategic mind, he hopes mankind will realise it's own potential - and idolise true 'super humans' i.e himself.

A master strategist, able to play on both the media and public opinion for his own gain, Lex is never one to back down regardless of victims or costs. This makes him the ultimate enduring evil, for no Luthor ever fails to reach his goals.

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