Monday, October 19, 2009


It has to be an omen when a book of illustrated corpses makes people drool every month. However even non-zombie fans can attest that the career defining art of penciller Ivan Reis, the faithful linework of inker Oclair Albert, and 'the best he is at what he does' skillset of colourist Alex Sinclair, have made DC's bigger than Ben-Hur mini-series BLACKEST NIGHT, very easy on the eye.

Now, after Blackest Night #3 printed darker than he had hoped, Alex is posting up some spreads from the issue on, so fan's can see how he originally envisioned certain scenes to be. Not only do the restored pages make the whole spectrum idea really hit home, I'm struck with the thought wouldn't the heroes standing with Hal make for a cool JLA?

My favourite combination of the talents of all three though has to be on the Flash. This is how he should look all the time! Writes Alex; "I'm including this spread because I love working on the Flash, especially when Ivan draws him. I feel that he should look like he's ALWAYS moving fast no matter what. In fact, I believe that is what Geoff has intended for him this time around. Ivan's cool enough to let me go nuts with him and I hope you all enjoy how I am treating this character."

See more 'restored' pages here.

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