Friday, October 02, 2009

The Three Wicked Reads

Ever feel like if you hear one more Christmas Carol you're going to scream? Well here are three great 'evil' based comics you should have on hand these coming holidays, to ensure that when the 'silent night' seems never-ending, you have an adequate escapist outlet on hand to save your sanity and keep you feeling festive.

IRREDEEMABLE (BOOM! Studios) When the worlds greatest hero becomes it's greatest villain there's only room for one thing - prayer. Writer Mark Waid's latest hit sees the surviving members of Paradigm desperately seeking survival and clues as to what has turned the Plutonian rogue. Shocking and unexpected at every turn, grab the first trade now (for only $9.99 US!) as this series is only going to get hotter!

THE WALKING DEAD (IMAGE COMICS) Zombie stories - nail them and fans eat it up, churn out the same old cliché and they demand from you a pound of flesh. Luckily for creator Robert Kirkman, his tale of a group of people trying to survive in a world stricken by a zombie apocalypse has evaded the later, to the point where it is not only being adapted for TV but also has a fan created annotated map on Google Maps to help readers follow the crews exploits.

SECRET SIX (DC COMICS) Arguably the lightest of this evil trinity, DC's Secret Six consists mainly of villainous characters who undertake missions of dubious moral quality, often resulting in a high-body count and unbeatable one-liners. Once labelled 'Mort Of The Month' by Wizard magazine Catman stars in a team of underdog outlaws, whose adventures are required reading and perfect for anyone looking for an entry point to comics.

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