Tuesday, October 06, 2009


If you wanna take over the world you have got to have a wordrobe that show's you are serious. With that in mind here are the best dressed examples of evil the world has ever seen.

HONOURABLE MENTION: Steve Ditko was a genius at creating good-looking evil. Just look at Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery; Electro, Dr Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, Green Goblin... Ditko was leagues ahead of his time, creating terrifying designs that also told you all you needed to know about the character in one glance. Now, on with the countdown!

6) POISON IVY: The insane, natural, redhead of Batman's rogue gallery, Poison Ivy always looks as attractive as wild flowers and as lethal as her namesake.
5) DARK PHOENIX: Dave Cockrum's Phoenix costume is a classic in itself, however when John Byrne modified it to fit her evil incarnation, with a bigger chest emblem and change of colour, a classic was reborn.
4) TWO-FACE: With The Riddler and The Joker also making a suit and tie look sinister, I was in two minds about this. But Two Face - especially with the suit broken on each side - wins the coin toss for outright style.
3) MYSTERIO: A Steve Ditko design, the haunting vapours, cape-pin eyes, and helmet which blurs his face from his victims, make Mysterio very easy on the CGI.
2) CATWOMAN: Pop's top femme fatale has had many looks, but the black vinyl, stitches and whip version Michelle Pfeiffer sported in Batman Returns is truly the cat's meow!

1) DOCTOR DOOM: There's a reason why Dr Doom helped inspire George Lucas to create Darth Vader. With his slightly soviet look, dark green cape, iron mask over a scarred face, and silver armour, Marvel's mightiest dictator has been the ultimate look of evil for decades.


  1. I'm a sucker for redheads, so I'm with you on Poison Ivy and Pheonix! :)

    Almost all the Bat-villains are impeccably costumed: Two-Face and Catwoman like you mentioned, but the Joker, Mad Hatter, the Riddler...all of them really snappy dressers!

  2. Another one I think is cool Rob - Black Manta. Just a simple dark costume, steel helmet and just these dark glowing red eyes.

    I remember a Aquaman cover where he's holding Arthur up while standing on a rockface of type and just thinking 'Yikes that guy looks mean!'

  3. I totally agree with this list. Pretty darn awesome!

  4. Cheers Jimmy - as you would know from your blog you always feel as soon as you hit post there's going to be one you forgot!