Monday, November 23, 2009

Spider-Man vs. Wolverine

While for me the idea of Spider-Man vs. Wolverine is followed by the phrase 'what happens in panel two?' for many it seems to be the ultimate match-up. Bringing the conflict to a head; the team at Lucid Arts Face Painting, who created this piece based on a famous image of the two heroes, for the Face Painter comp at the UK Face and Body Painting Convention.

An awesome concept, this image from their Flickr page shows exactly how they maximised the angles of their 'canvas' so regardless of what you can see at the time; just Wolvie's grimace or both Marvel icons facing off, the result is truly off the scale.

Still need more of a Petey vs Logan fix? Check out this wicked image from the blog of Lee Bermejo. A recent commission piece for a lucky fan, I love that perspective, and how the slightest change in linework gives so much character to Spideys costume. Of course for me the wrong character has the upper hand - but hey - even Wolverine's gotta have a few fans right?

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