Monday, November 02, 2009

GOING BEYOND THUNDERDOME: Charlize Theron signs on for new Mad Max Movie

The post apocalytic future of the Mad Max movies had it all; Tina Turner, Mel Gibson, big weapons, bigger cars, lost tribes, and even a sadistic little dwarf. Now after tearing up the streets in the Italian Job, Variety reports actress Charlize Theron has signed up to hit the gas again, as star of the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road from original producer-director George Miller.

Charlize, one of the worlds most beautiful and talented actresses, with a truckload of awards in the boot - including an Oscar for her role in Monster - adds allot of horsepower to the film. The only other signing at this point is actor Tom Hardy, whose experience in Black Hawk Down also makes him a great fit for the cult franchise.

With over 24 years on the dial since the first three Mad Max films launched the careers of both Miller, and Mel Gibson, all lips are sealed on if the Braveheart star will return for a fourth instalment. While security concerns over trying to film in Namibia previously stalled the project, pre-production has been given the starters orders, and filming starts next August in Australia.


  1. I really hope Gibson isn't it. I don't know if the world needed another MM movie, but if they make one I can live without Gibson.

  2. Yeah I always wonder how Mad Max was seen up in the Northern Hemisphere...

    'Down Under' it was massive. Even though I'm a New Zealander, it was cool to see something from Australia done to those standards (at the time) - get such a big release.

    Even now it's still cool to look back on, I'm not sure what road another MM movie will go down - but in this day and age it doesn't seem like there's much that doesn't get 'sequeled' so here's hoping it's a good one!