Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yes - even Police Academy had one good point. In the 1970's and 80's you knew you had a hit movie on your hands if Drew Struzan painted it's poster. While computer imaging software has significantly affected the need for painted posters, Drews talent is such the master of the field still continues to make hit promotional images for some of todays biggest Hollywood franchises.

Struzan doesn't just draw movie posters through - his career has seen him render jaw-dropping art for a range of album covers and other collectibles, including this awesome cover to Action Comics #800 (That's Drew running away in bottom left).

In terms of the man's style, it wasn't his realism, knack for compositions or ability to make any collage work, that made Drew the first painter whose art I could tell at a glance - it was his use of colour. With strong light sources, and bold, vibrant colours, his powerful imagery is often more iconic then the film it represents.

From Blade Runner to Harry Potter, Indianna Jones to Hellboy, Drews volume of work is as impressive as it is expansive. For more on the only artist Steven Spielberg allows to draw E.T, visit his website.

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