Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ME-OOWW: Alex Ross Creates
Purr-fect Piece For Charity Fundraiser

Alex Ross helped save comics from a life of 'grim'n'gritty' and now he's rescuing abused, abandoned and homeless cats and kittens, by auctioning an original piece of art on Ebay. An amazing image, featuring comics number one feline fatale, Catwoman, all money raised by the donation will go directly to The Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization.

From Ross himself;
"Animal rescue is one of my favorite causes. Saved Whiskers does great work to save the lives of animals in need. Doing this painting for them was also a great excuse for me to illustrate a version of a character I love. It is a donation that I'm extremely proud of. For any fans who are animal lovers, please bid as much as you can. If you can't afford to bid, please donate to: http://www.savedwhiskersrescue.com/donations.html or send a donation via paypal at: paypal@savedwhiskersrescue.com or to Saved Whiskers Rescue, PO BOX 1674, Voorhees, NJ 08043. It's a great cause!"

If you have a few grand to spare the Ebay auction is here, or to make a more generally affordable donation, as Alex states above, you can visit here - and be sure to stay tuned to It's A Dan's World for the total amount raised, when the bidding ends on Friday, November 13 2009 (at 11:00 PST).


  1. I love it, its a wonderful piece and a wonderful cause.

    Voorhees is the next town over from me--I wish I had the $$ to bid for the piece!

  2. It is an amazing piece! Don't you wish that somewhere on your netly travels you stumbled across an original by your favourite artist going for a song?

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  4. That's definitely a gorgeous piece of art. It's awesome that he is doing it for charity as well, especially a charity that I whole heartedly believe in (as my cat sits on my lap purring while I type).