Thursday, November 19, 2009

ONE SIDE LADIES: 5 Males Who Could Steal The Spotlight Of Blackest Night

Males save the world, females save creation. At least that seems to be the hidden theme in DC’s ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ event Blackest Night. With the dead rising across the universe, the emerging key players on the side of good are all females; Mera, Donna Troy, Dove, Indigo-1, and that’s before the solid gold bustier of Wonder Woman takes to the stage. Still as we hit the half-way point, here are five males who could still grab the limelight, helping turn the tables in the war of light.

Resurrection Man: In one of the best comics you may never have read Mitch Shelley, The Resurrection Man, literally died to save you time and time again. Now with the universe facing more come-backs than your average 80’s pop-band, who better to have on your side than a man who can beat the enemy at their own game?

Rainbow Raider: Don’t laugh, think about it; here’s a guy whose sole power is creating solid beams of right from all colours of the spectrum, and at the heart of Blackest Night are the Armies of Light. While he’s currently a member of the undead in the pages of Blackest Night, if this books set-up doesn’t sound like a cue for ol’ Roy G. Bivolo to get out his rainbow sled and take another shot at fame, nothing does.

Zauriel: With the dead rising you’d think the armies of Heaven would have something to say about it, least of all their most earthbound soldier Zauriel. Through a union of warriors from the various ‘eternal realms’ like Rama and Artemis, Zauriel could help ensure the faith of the living, by showing that even the Blackest Night will have it’s dawn.

Ares: Sure Wonder Woman put an axe in his skull and left his body lying on the beach, but as shown in the latest edition of the Avenging Amazon’s self-titled series you cant keep a good God of War down. With conflict consuming the cosmos, Ares could showcase for all the true power of the Gods of Myth.

Darkseid: Okay so everyone got an overload of the Lord of Apokolips in Final Crisis, but Darkseid is all about one thing; Finding the answer to the anti-life equation. If he can’t put two and two together in a galaxy plagued by the undead he may as well put a dunce hat on and go sit in the corner.

Anyone you want to add to the list?


  1. Hard to believe he was created in the 80's huh?

    He seems so Golden Age in some ways - especially the name 'Roy G Bivolo'. I picture Flash fans learning the sequence of the spectrum with that name in mind lol.

    I guess he's just a testament to when comics were a little more able to laugh at themselves. Regardless with a little thought I'm a believer there's a great story left in every character - even Rainbow Raider.

  2. Where's Crazy Quilt in all this?!?

  3. Ha! Nice one Rob! Believe it or not I actually have a post set for December on Mr Quilt - be careful what you ask for ;D