Friday, November 20, 2009

Worth Has A Good Night's Sleep?

The answer to that question I guess varies on your ability to access it at the time. Last night I would've brought the person who gave me a fail-safe method of catching some zzz's a beer, campaigned on their behalf for a Nobel prize, and maybe even offered them one of my first born children - after I woke up of course.

Every cloud though does have the proverbial silver lining, and in looking for something to replace the counting of faulty sheep, (which sounds like a great name for a punk band) I randomly dove into my comic stash and settled into a few issues from the glory days of Wildstorm's The Authority.

While alot of books nowadays offer the trademark Warren Ellis / Mark Millar-ish 'Authority scale' stories and action, last night as I flipped back through their runs on the title, I was struck with awe once again at how the series truly was 'lightning in a bottle' - and that's not just the sleep deprivation talking.

While I've never met a Frank Quitely drawn book I didn't like, I just thought I'd do a quick post here, chucking up a classic scene from my man the Midnighter, so everyone can share in the nostalgia, and I can soak up a few the-mornings-come-to-early coffees and prepare for the day ahead.

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