Saturday, November 21, 2009

STAR-SPANGLED SATURDAY: Previewing Captain America: Who Will Wear The Sheild

Captain America fans do allot of star-gazing. We looked to the skies when writer Ed Brubaker brought back Bucky, fearing further signs of the apocalypse would follow, and now we look to the skies again, as Bucky (now Cap) faces the return of the man who made the name an icon; Steve Rodgers. With who will wear the Red, White and Blue determined in this Decembers aptly named one shot: CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHO WILL WIELD THE SHIELD?, Marvel has released the following preview, which could offer a few clues as to how things will play out.

I think even a blindman can see Steve Rodgers will be Cap again, the real question will be what becomes of Bucky? After years of working for others, I hope he gets to step to the side and form his own shadow as the Winter Soldier. One of the strongest and most interesting 'new' Marvel characters, the man with the cyborg arm deserves his own series, and easily forms a nice trinity with other Cap inspired heroes, such as the Falcon and Hawkeye.

• COVER BY: Gerald Parel • WRITER: Ed Brubaker • ART: Butch Guice • $3.99 US • IN STORES: Dec 16

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