Saturday, November 21, 2009

Previewing Wonder Woman #38

Don't say you weren't warned; the end of 2009 is tipped to hold BIG changes for DC's Avenging Amazon, and you don't want to start 2010 kicking yourself if you miss them. Before Decembers big revelations, jump into Novembers issue 38 for the return of Artemis, the mysterious Crows, and more of the great plot twists and turns from writer Gail Simone, the likes of which have already lead to Wonder Woman stripped of her title, labelled a criminal, and imprisoned by her own people. Beware missing it.

• COVER BY: Aaron Lopresti • WRITER: Gail Simone • ART: Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan • $2.99 US • IN STORES: Nov 25

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