Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What to spend your millions on

In the supermarket of intellectual property when Walt Disney shoved a quarter pound of Hulk in their trolley, along with a few bottles of X-Men and a pick’n’mix of the remaining Marvel Universe characters and locations it cost them $4billion at the checkout. Nickelodeon recently put four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their basket, fresh from the deli and walked out the door having only paid a poultry $60million. Now news comes that the Terminator franchise is going on the shelf, after owners Halcyon filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That means it could be mine or even better yet yours...

Don’t let the news that all the major film studios have put in an interest in the auction worry you, cracking open your piggie bank or even the kids college fund, can still net you with the winning bid. Last time Sarah Connor and Co. had a price tag chucked on them, they went for $25million, now they are likely to exceed the cost of the Turtles, having made three times the box-office takings of the 'heroes in a half shell'.

WHAT YOU WOULD GET: A Hollywood rarity; A blockbuster film franchise not already controlled by a big studio. This includes the ability to make new Terminator films (but not the rights to the earlier Terminator movies), new TV programmes, and new popularity building spin-offs like official “I’ll be back” txt message alerts.

WHAT YOU COULD GET INSTEAD: Before you write out a cheque fill of zeroes, you might want to keep in mind Forbes Magazine states you can be Batman for a mere $3,365,449. While the New York Post claim being Batman would sting you a cool $300mil, they place $290 million on the 2,500 square-foot IBM Blue Gene/L super (make that ‘bat’) computer. But as all good comic fans know Bats is the smartest man alive, and would never try waging war on crime with a PC. While PC’s are probably right at home in a cave, a couple of thousand for a decent Mac set-up, is money better spent.

So what are you going to do? Buy the Terminator rights and save the franchise from an apocalyptic future, or become a real life Batman and suddenly find there’s not a church roof in the world you don’t look good on top of? The choice is yours....


  1. I would tell you what I have decided, but it would kind of ruin the whole reason for having a secret identity...

  2. Ha - good call. But make sure you still go for a bat-signal, an instant txt from police HQ just doesn't have the same air of cool...

  3. JonnyHagger10:17 pm

    You seriously believe Batman runs a mac? LOL.

  4. I didnt take you for a virus prone PC fan Jonathon - how do you ever get any work done? ;D Get Waiariki to get you a MacBook for Christmas - you'll soon come around!