Thursday, December 31, 2009


While Marvel and DC have kept many of their post 'event' releases to themselves for now, and the other publishers are yet to show their cards, here are the 9 things we already know of, that I'm looking forward to most in 2010.

    Clockwise from left (but in no particular order);
  • SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE It's hard to beat All Star Superman, but I'm pretty sure this original graphic novel series will be another bout of definitive Superman stories.
  • THOR: The Thunder God's movie picks up some serious steam in 2010, and John Romita Jnr returns to drawing the comic.
  • ALICE IN WONDERLAND: Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, imaginative Wonderland - 'Nuff said.
  • FIRST WAVE #1: An alternate DCU where the icons of pulp fiction, like Doc. Savage and The Spirit breathe again.
  • THE MULTIVERSITY: Grant Morrison's planned series of mini's, exploring the various worlds of the DCU - including Wildstorm?
  • THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE: Batman as a caveman. Batman as a pirate. Grant Morrison. Sells itself really.
  • AVENGERS RE-ASSEMBLE: If Vision isn't part of the reformed heroic Avengers, I'll do the manly version of cry - hysterically.
  • WAR MACHINE IN IRON MAN 2: That pretty much covers it.
  • FLASH #1: A staple of my pull-list, Geoff John's return to an all new Flash book makes this #1 unmissable.


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