Wednesday, December 09, 2009

BIRDS OF PREY: Spider-Man 4
Villains Spell Bad Luck For The Black Cat

After audiences had finished picking at the carcass of Spider-Man 3, many were left to wonder if there was enough meat on the bones to base a fourth installment on. Now according to sources Movieline report are close to the project, it seams not one Vulture is circling over head, but two.

With studio execs yet again delaying the arrival of popular rogue The Lizard, in favour of villians with 'a more human face', news that John Malkovich is being eyed up to play the high-flying Vulture is a stroke of casting genius.

As for the long rumoured role of Felicia Hardy, with Ann Hathaway now the leading contender, news comes that the movie 'Felicia' will divert from her four-colour namesake by foregoing the black vinyl getup of the Black Cat, in favour of taking to the skies as the newly created Vultress.

While nothings stopping the movies conclusion from having Hardy embrace her feline prowess after using one of her nine lives as the Vultress, the switch comes as a bold move from Sony/Marvel, whose top 'comic movies' have always stuck closely to the source material. Do you think this idea can give the Spidey-Films a new set of wings? Stay tuned to I.A.D.W to find out!


  1. The Vultress? Come on, now...really?

  2. LOL yeah I'm thinking (or praying) that'
    s substituted for Black Cat pretty quickly...