Monday, December 14, 2009

CARDINAL RULE: Catching Up With Paul Pope

Just because the Illustrators on the Web sidebar takes a bit of scroll action to get to now, doesn't mean you guys and gals aren't checking it out does it? I hope not, click through to Paul Hope's blog and one of the best artists to ever put imagination to paper, shows you not only an ad for a screen-printing showcase he's exhibiting at, but also an unused cover for Batman Year 100 - and let's face it who doesn't like Batman?

Better yet - those screen-prints I mentioned are for The Art Directors Club in NYC. Four selected artists (Paul being one of them) have been invited to kick off the December Editions party with a range of limited edition prints. With all guests forking out $20 (and what ever books and toys they can spare) for The Children's Aid Society, it is sure to be the best looking party for a good cause in town.

With 16 originals on show, from Coke Zero based client work to personal pieces, Paul spoke with the culture blog of Time Magazine about the event in an interview which is recommended reading. There, more works like that borrowed for this post, are mixed in with his influences, thoughts on art and icons, and why he has no interest in 'kicking the football' that is Batman's death.

As for what the star artist of Wednesday Comics is tackling next; "I am knee-deep in my own book Battling Boy, which is sort of my answer to Batman or Superman. Battling Boy is a new superhero-- a kid monster slayer. He's a hero I think is missing in our society, a self-empowered child who can protect himself from nightmarish adult monsters." Self-empowered - now that's a positive icon.


  1. DC, please put Paul Pope on Plastic Man!!

    Just the title alone is fun to say: "Paul Pope's Plastic Man."

  2. Thanks for the post Rob! I would add they could do that under a 'Marvel Knights' like line of books, using the name of their old imprint Paradox Press - but that might be taking the joke to far ;D