Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DC COMICS: March Cover Shots

For those of us still stressing over those last minute Christmas gifts, thinking about what's to come in 'March' seems a bit of a luxury when we still have another 48 hours of stress ahead. Luckily the folks at DC have put together such a package of releases for the third month of 20-10, that the cover art alone forces you to stop in your tracks and just say 'Wow'. Covers like these;

Artist and Title (Clockwise from left): AMANDA CONNER - Power Girl #10, BILLY TUCCI - Jonah Hex #53, JP LEON - DMZ #51, ROBERT POPE & SCOTT MCRAE - Batman: The Brave And The Bold #15, TONY HARRIS - Ex Machina (Deluxe Edition Book 3 HC), and FREDDIE WILLIAMS II - JSA All-Stars #4. For full solicitation details visit CBR.

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