Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weird Western Tales #71

In January, as part of DC's Blackest Night event, 8 classic titles rise from the grave for one more issue. However over a dozen books can be a bit of a hard ask for any New Years comic budget, so to help you decide which to grab, here's the wrap on the latest in our 1-0-1 series, the rise of Weird Western Tales #71.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Before Jonah Hex rides into cinemas in 20-10, the disfigured bounty hunter tied up his horse in the pages of Weird Western Tales, which was the home of... well weird western tales.

Now with artists Renato Arlem and Bill Sienkiewicz riding shotgun, E.I.C Dan Didio jumps in the writers saddle for an issue that sees all of the biggest western heroes from DC's past, rise as 'Black Lanterns' to cause terror in the present! With Jonah, Bat Lash, Scalphunter and Firehair reborn, will they wreck the west for good or is the ultimate showdown at dawn on the horizon? Pick up Weird Western Tales #71 to find out!

Check out the teaser poster for the Jonah Hex movie below!

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