Thursday, December 03, 2009


'When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yield...' After the release of the Diamond comic stats for November, I cant help but think someone is singing that old theme tune in the halls of Marvel at this very moment.

In October DC had narrowed the gap to about 3%, and locked Marvel out of the Top 6. One month later Captain America: Reborn #4 steals third base, and the sales gap opens back up to over 7%.

Despite the other five spots belonging to DC (four of which tie to mega-event Blackest Night), Marvel still managed to emerge as publisher numero uno with 41.93% market share and 37.85% dollar share, compared to the 'Distinguished Competitions' 34.78% unit share and 31.71% cut of dollar share.

THE WINNER ON THE NIGHT: The 'Big Two' aren't the main course on the Top 10 Trade Paperbacks list- their top seller is the first TPB of Chew from Image. For just $9.99 readers looking for something quirky and different, can catch up on the detective who eats at the crime scene (and the odd body) in order to get a few psychic impressions to help himself figure out whodunit, and why.
    Octobers Top 6 Comics:
  1. Blackest Night #5
  2. Green Lantern #48
  3. Captain America Reborn #4
  4. Batman and Robin #6
  5. Justice League of America #39
  6. Adventure Comics #4
For the full wrap-up click here.

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