Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Four shots of news to round out the week that was, assembled right here when it comes to THE CRUNCH.
  • Marvel looks set to start the 2010's as a whole new company, announcing the final shareholders meeting to vote on Disney's acquisition of the 'House of Ideas' will start 9am December 31st.
  • Matt Damon has told Collider his money is on director Paul Greengrass returning to do Bourne 4 (after Paul previously left the project) and he will wait for him to do so.
  • The first preview for Marvel's much hyped mega-event SEIGE landed this week, and left fans no doubt as to why artist Olivier Coipel was given the gig - the feel he gives the book is bang-on, including the best looking U-Foes ever. More...
  • Finally, make space in your wardrobe Iron-Fanboys, Discovery News reveals U.S. military scientists are currently researching applications for "piezoelectric" armor, which can detect the size of bullets shot at it, identify the damage inflicted and generate small amounts of electricity in response. They may also develop for the suit, a heads-up display of the armor's current level of damage, weak points and various other conditions, like those Tony Stark gets while wearing the Iron Man armor.

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