Sunday, December 13, 2009


Despite what his name suggests, Steve Rude is one of the most 'family friendly' artists in the comics industry. With a style that is as classic as it is modern, his distinctive work makes him the perfect choice for this weeks Making a Mark entry, as we head into the festive season.

Nicknamed 'The Dude' Steve's ability to mix bold light sources, with the stylings of iconic artists like Jack Kirby, and Alex Toth, means the lanky 6ft5 artist makes as great an impression on the page, as he does when he enters a room.

His biggest body of work remains one of his first; Nexus, a sci-fi series he co-created with writer Mike Baron, which explored difficult themes among alien races. Originally published by Capital Comics, Steve has now formed his own studio Rude Dude Productions to handle the characters future, as well as that of fellow creation; The Moth.

For more information on the man whose trophy shelf includes four Eisner Awards, visit his personal website or look for him on Facebook.

NEXT WEEK: Making A Mark: Artist Of The Year!


  1. If there was any sense in the comics industry, DC or Marvel would hand Rude a book--any book he might want.

    Can you IMAGINE how cool an Aquaman, Wonder Woman, or Flash book might look as drawn by Steve Rude??

  2. I agree Rob! There are a handful of artists who I feel if I ever drew an image like theirs I would retire and live a contented life - Mr Rude is definitely one of them!

    Hopefully he's on the editors desk for a shot at Wednesday Comics 2... that's if there is a WC2.

  3. I totally agree with you... Steve Rude is a fantastic artist/storyteller...

    Nexus was originally published by Capital Comics, then First Comics, and then Dark Horse... no dig on your site ... love what you do here.

  4. No dig taken King Megatrip... thanks for the post and taking the time to put me right!

    Had some of the mix's you made on playing tonight while I got outta Monday work mode - it's really great stuff!

    While I keep skipping back to hear 'My Guitar Gently Weeps' and 'Cloud Nine' for a hit of that old Motown sound, I'm on my second trip through 'A Million Miles From Reality' at the mo.

    That's a mean creative streak you've got there and will definitely be keeping an eye out in future... Glad you are enjoying It's A Dan's World!