Saturday, December 19, 2009

NADS '09: BEST COMEBACK (From the Dead, Limbo or Otherwise)

In the 80's it was ripped jeans and leather jackets, but flip forward a few years and today's hot ticket item for those in the know is a comeback - everyone is wearing one.

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Todd McFarlane, the superstar artist re-ignited Image Comics by co-creating Haunt, taking scripting duties on Spawn and drawing the guy in Image United. Over in Blackest Night the artist formerly known as 'Aquaman's Girlfriend' Mera, proved she's nobody's damsel in distress, and won't be sinking beneath the waves again anytime soon.


Sometimes you don't have to go away to have a comeback, you just have to find yourself. After years of great stories of other characters written into the pages and bodies of the Fantastic Four, Marvel's First Family finally feels like themselves again thanks to the writings of one Jonathan Hickman, and the sketching of Dale Eaglesham. Back are the cosmic scale adventures, anchored by a strong human heart, and back is the magic that is the Fantastic Four.


  1. I agree on the Mera thing. Here's hoping, post-BN, DC brings Aquaman back with Mera, and they put all their past bad blood behind them.

    They've made Mera a really dynamic hero in her own right, and it'd be nice to see her and Aquaman off having adventures again.

  2. Hey Rob - thanks for the post! I'm thinking she might end up in the League in 2010... looking forward to those 'end of Blackest Night' announcements!