Thursday, December 24, 2009

THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS: Producer Spills On DC Movie Plans

While Marvel is blazing up internet messageboards with details on it's upcoming Iron Man 2, Spider-Man 4 and Thor movies, over at DC it's more like a pre-Christmas silent night. However that's all about to change, with Sherlock Homes director Dan Lin, stating Warner Bros. will reveal their plans for the next wave of DC movies in January.

Yip you are right, that's not that far away, but if what the rest of Lin says falls true, fans hoping that the worlds greatest super-team will be the ones to hit theatres next, may be left feeling a little suicidal. In talking to Collider Lin said a range of solo films will build to the Justice League, in a move which presumably involves 2011's Green Lantern.

While the exact list of solo features remains in mystery until next month, you can count DC's leading lady into that mix, as Lin points out he's aware the studio has come to a crossroads as to what to do with Wonder Woman "I know they talk about it as a movie and also a TV show. I don't know if they've figured out which way to go or is it better to put her in a team movie first and then have her come off that."

Topping it all off, it seams the little old Suicide Squad will beat the shiny pop icons of the JLA to Hollywood, with news the film is already in the development stages "It's almost Dirty Dozen set in the world of supervillains." states Lin. Something tells me with that little nugget of news, there could be more Squad comics, after their January one-shot revival, coming soon from DC.


  1. Doesn't a Suicide Squad movie seem a bit...superfluous when there'll be a Losers movie in 2010?

  2. Yeah they are pretty close in theme Rob - hopefully the SS will roll through the membership though, as only the SS can! That should set them apart a bit more...